For passengers flying during the summer season

The check-in counter and security area can become crowded in summer, so please allow extra time to come to the airport. As the roads around the airport and the car parks are also expected to be busy, we recommend using public transport.

*1 45 minutes before departure for First and Business Class passengers. (60 minutes for ALL passengers at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport)
*2 You may not be permitted to board your flight if you arrive at the boarding gate less than 10 minutes before departure.

Request for on-time departure

■Carry-on baggage
Due to limited space in the cabin, please check in your baggage if possible.
▼Information on carry-on baggage
▼Information on restricted items

■Passport check at the boarding gate
To follow the instruction by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we will check passengers' passports and boarding passes at the boarding gate. Please arrive at the boarding gate earlier and prepare your passport and boarding pass in advance. Your coorperation is highly appreciated.

■Inflight safety advice
・After boarding, please store your carry-on baggage, take your seat as quickly as you can and fasten your seat belt.
・If you need to go to the restroom, please do so before boarding. After the aircraft starts moving, please refrain from using the restroom until the seat belt sign is turned off.

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